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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated January 30, 2020.

By accessing the Website, Mobile App or Services promoted within it, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions listed below.

Apple is not involved in any way with the contest or sweepstakes. There is no purchase required to play quiz. There is no purchase required for any other activities on this app. This app is totally FREE.

1.           General

We can change terms & conditions at any time without giving you any notice. Always refer to this page for up to date terms & conditions.

2.           Time Zone

All time on our website & apps is in GMT.

3.           Age

You must be 18+ to use website and app. This is required by law

Your account will be deleted if you have entered incorrect age.

4.           Registration & Play

Registration and play is absolutely free.

You must provide your real names during registration which should match your ID proof. 

Your display name can be any name provided it's not offensive. 

Any attempt to create fake or duplicate accounts will result in account deletion.

5.           Rules

  1. On registration you get 5 free questions
  2. You can earn additional free questions from Earn Free Credits page.
  3. For each correct answer you earn 10 points. For incorrect answer you don’t earn any point.
  4. Cut off time for monthly leaderboard is the last date of month at 23:59 GMT (Indian time 05:29 of the 1st of following month).

Before the start of each month we announce winners for top 3 on leaderboard. Only the points earned in the respective month is taken into consideration for calculating top 3 rank for the respective month.

6.           Daily Leaderboard

  • Cut off time for daily leaderboard is 23:59 GMT (05:30 Indian Time on following day)
  • Daily winners are announced on the following day

7.           Free Credits

You can earn free credits, method for earning free credits and number of free credits are mentioned on Earn Free Credits page.

8.           Referral Credits

You will receive credits for referring a friend only when referred user has created account and verified email, phone and ID.

Following are the allowed ways to refer to friends:

  • YouTube
  • Email to your friends
  • Send code to your friends on Whatsapp
  • Promote on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media
  • Word of mouth
  • Website/Blog

You will not receive any credits or your account will be banned if you misuse referral systems such as creating fake accounts or misrepresenting/misguiding users, or adding referral code on Google play store in review.

The amount of credit awarded will be mentioned on Refer & Earn Credit menu.

9.           Questions & Answers

We take great care in correctness of questions and answers however we can't be held responsible for any incorrectness. If you find any mistake or errors in any question/answer then let us know from contact us page.

We have limited number of questions available. If you hit the limit and are not able to further then come back after some time to try again. Unfortunately we can't do anything if you are stuck at some level and can't play further for top three.

If you are in race of top 3 and ran out of questions then we can not do anything further. Please keep this in mind when you are trying to get into top 3.

We keep adding new questions on daily basis.

10.      Bonus Points

From time to time we also award bonus points to our loyal users. Amount of bonus points is not fixed and it is sole discretion of the management.

11.      Question Submission

  • You earn 1 question credit for approved question.
  • You can only submit limited number of questions per day. We change this limit from time to time. You will be notified when this limit is changed. We also allow some users, who submit great questions, to submit more questions per day. You can see how many questions you are allowed to submit on question submission page.
  • Each question is manually verified and approved. Our moderators invest a great deal of time in going through questions so make sure not to submit irrelevant or common questions which are already in our database.
  • You will be banned from submitting questions if you submit non-cricket related questions. This ban is permanent and can't be revoked.
  • It is not guaranteed when your question will be approved. You will be notified only when question is approved.
  • Pur moderators can modify the question/answers if it's not written properly or has mistakes or incorrect.
  • Your question will be deleted if
    • It is not related to cricket
    • It's duplicate
    • It does't qualify to be a question

12.      Question Submission Rules

  1. Question must be written in proper English.
  2. Question must be related to Cricket
  3. Specify format Test/ODI/TwentyT20/T20 International in each quesion
  4. Don't submit questions which are most commons and which are already in our database. Some of these types of questions are followings
    1. Sachin Tendulkar's Records
    2. Middle/Last/Full name of players
    3. Most Wickets/Runs/Sixes in Test/ODI/T20I/Domestic T20 Leagues
    4. 1983/2011 ODI World cup records
    5. ODI double hundred & Test triple hundred records
    6. Hat-tricks by Indian bolwers
    7. Current captain of any team
    8. Current top ICC rankings of players/teams
    9. Six sixes in any format
    10. Girlfriends/wives of cricketers
    11. Fastest to 5000/7000/etc. runs

13.      Account Termination

Your account can be terminated if you violate our terms. Below are some of the situations when your account can be terminated

  • Creating multiple accounts
  • Trying to manipulate the system for gaining higher ranking on leaderboard by using bot or any other means
  • Spamming or security breach
  • Abusive behaviour
  • Referral fraud
  • Writing negative reviews

There is no refund if your account is terminated.

14.      Account/Data Deletion

Android Mobile App

You can delete your account from My Account page, scroll down and click on Delete Account link to delete the account.

Web App

Contact us to request deletion of your data.

The deletion is irrevocable. All you details including earnings will be removed and can't be recovered once your account is deleted. All account and personl data is immediately deleted from our system once you have requested account deletion.