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Terms and Conditions

By accessing the Website, Mobile App or Services promoted within it, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions listed below.

Apple is not involved in any way with the contest or sweepstakes.


You must be 18+ to use website and app.


Registration if free.

You must provide your real names during registration which should match your ID proof. 

However your display name can be any name provided it's not offensive. 

Any attempt to create fake or duplicate accounts will result in account termination.


All time on our website & apps is in GMT.


1) On registration you get 5 free questions
2) After that you have to purchase questions
3) For each correct answer you earn £0.05 (about Rs. 5). For incorrect answer you don’t earn anything
4) You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you have reached total £50 in earnings
5) In addition to above you also get chance to participate in the monthly prize draw
6) Top three on monthly leaderboard are given prize money as it’s mentioned on the home page
7) You can’t reuse your earnings for buying additional questions
8) You can't be prize winner if you haven't purchased any credit.

Before the start of each month we announce prize money for top 3 on leaderboard. Only the points earned in the respecitve month is taken into consideration for calculating top 3 rank for the respective month.

Prizes are distributed within 15 days of following month provided that winners have intimated us the way to receive prize money. 

We will ask winners to verify their identify and run other security & fraud checks before we can release money. If you want to receive money via paypal then your paypal account must match with your personal details and paypal account must be verified. 

We can't release prize money unless we have satisfied all criteria mentioned above.

Any unclaimed prize money is put back into prize pool for following months.

Prize amount varies each month.

We set aside about 80% of our revenue towards the prize pool each month. 

In case of tie for any leaderboard position we divide prize equally among the tied players.


For each correct answer you earn £0.05. You don't earn any money for incorrect answer.

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you reach £50.

Earnings will be transfered to you manually via payment method available to your country.

Money earned can't be reused towards buying question credits.

Account Termination

Your account can be terminated if you violate our terms. No prize money will be paid if you have violated any of the following. Below are some of the situations when your account can be terminated

- Creating multiple accounts

- Trying to manipulate the system for gaining higher ranking on leaderboard or earning money by any means such as using bot or other means.

- Spamming or security breach

- Abusive behaviour

There is no refund/payment if your account is terminated.