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1. How does it work?

It's just simple, keep answering quetions and earn money @ £0.001 (about 0.10) per correct answer. At the end of month we give away prizes to top 3 on leaderboard.

Questions will become more difficult as you up the level. For each correct answer you are awarded points. You also get bonus point if you answer quicker. 

2. Is it free?

Yes it's absolutely free to register and play. First quiz (5 questions) is free.

3. What is prize money each month?

The amount of prize money varies each month. The prize money will be displayed on home page.

4. How do I receive prize money?

We send payment via paypal or bank transfer.

5. Do you require any document proof before you can transfer prize money?

Usually we don't require any document proof. However we can ask for ID & Address proof if require.

6. Can I create more than one account?

No. Multiple account creation results in automatic ban.

7. Do you reset leaderboard at the start of each month?

Your overall ranking is not reset. For the purpose of monthly prize we take into account respective month's ranking only.

8. When can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw earnings when it reaches £50.

9. My total earnings is more than other player but my ranking is below his, why?

Earning is calculated per correct answer. Ranking is based on total points you receive for correct answers. We also give bonus for answering questions correctly if your response falls within a certain time range. This adds up to the points.

11. Why my account is banned and what happens to my earnings?

Your account is banned for violating our terms and conditions. Once banned you are banned from everything and lose all earnings. You can refer to our terms and conditions page for further details.

12. What is cut off time for monthly prize?

Last day of month @ 23:59 PM GMT (Indian time 05:29 on the 1st of every month).

13. I'm receiving you have already answered this question error, what is this?

It may happen when we change the system or move around questions to different level. Or you may have exhausted all questions in a level and are stuck. Please contact us if this problem persists.